How to get total external styles count?


I’m trying to get a sense of how many styles from my DS file are being used in a given Figma file. I’m creating a plugin for my own use to get that data so I can store it in a file of my own through console.log.

I noticed that textStyleId and fillStyleId are often Figma.mixed typed, which means I can’t know exactly how many types are inside.

Is there a way to understand how many unique styles are returned when we have a Figma.mixed type being returned?

I noticed that going to fills or any other styling arrays doesn’t help, since there are no ids in there.


PS: using Figma own features is not the purpose here, but thanks anyway if that’s your idea. :slight_smile: I’d really appreciate help in code.

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Hi! Figma engineer here - You can call getStyledTextSegments with textStyleId and fillStyleId : getStyledTextSegments | Plugin API

Alternatively, you can call getRangeTextStyleId and getRangeFillStyleId on each character: TextNode | Plugin API

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