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How to get to the top of a screen after an animation

I made a smart animation between 2 pages and I would like the second page to open at the very top, not at the same screen level as the first page.

How can I do that ?

To not keep the scrolling position on screen transition, open interaction details window and disable “Preserve scroll position” checkbox:

Preserve scroll position

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Unfortunately I see that this option is not available with smart animation :confused:
Is there any other option ?

How would smart animation work if you don’t preserve position? That just doesn’t make any sense. Like, would it first animate, and then the page will jump up? You can do that by creating an extra screen and transitioning to it after delay of 1ms. But that doesn’t sound too nice from the design point of view.

Here is a capture to show more precisely my problem. I would like to arrive at the top of page 2 to see the smart animation correctly. Currently it is cut off because the screen remains at the same level as page 1.

Got it! That’s an interesting problem, I’m not sure if there is a solution for that. Have you tried unchecking “Preserve scroll position” in transition settings?

Unfortunately there is no such option for smart animation. I just saw that Figma automatically preserves the scroll position for Smart Animate.

At the end I will just put it in instant.

Thank you for your reactivity and your answer @Gleb :pray: