How to export?

When sharing a prototype (settings: “everyone with the link van view” + “allow viewers to copy, export and share from this prototype”) I cannot seem to export the assets when opening that link in incognito mode in my browser. Looks like I’m stuck in “view mode” as I can’t click the individual assets to download. Is this not possible or am I missing something? I need this particular file to be open for everyone (not just devs or internal team) as it contains free icons for our customers to use in our platform. (and yes all individual assets have the right export settings).

You need to sign in to your Figma account to export.

So we need to ask all our customers to make a Figma account? :s

Yes, all users who will comment on the file/prototype, as well as developers who will export assets, must sign in to a Figma account or register.

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