How to delete these color libraries?

hello everyone, how can i delete these color library, I notice there are two new libraries in the color section, but i don’t need them:

Hey @Cyril_hzx ! It looks like you’ve copied and pasted some components to your file that already had custom colors set in the other file. Double check to see if the colors are coming from another file.

Please check out this link on how to manage and share style for you to delete the unnecessary colors on your file:

Hi @Cyril_hzx, you may also disable libraries from your file if you prefer not to delete the completely. To do this, just go to Assets > Team Library Icon (book icon) and from here, you may add/remove existing libraries from the file.

It disappears by opening the Library tab on the left, pressing the Library menu, and pressing remove from the Community List button.

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Hey @Cyril_hzx
To delete a color style in Figma, click the gray backdrop to show styles, right-click the style, and choose Delete style.

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thanks for the reply!

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Thank you, it worked!


I’m unsure if this is a coincidence, but I suddenly have the very same two libraries as the OP available in all of my files. I can disable them individually for each file I have, but I have plenty of files, so it would be great to find a way to remove these altogether. I might be hallucinating, but I think my files didn’t have these styles yesterday in Figma.

And oh, right-clicking on the style has only one option: “View style in Community”, which takes me to a community file where the style probably is from:

CleanShot 2023-09-01 at 11.12.55

These styles are visible in every new file I create too even though within the Settings > Library > “Enable libraries for all files in your drafts” section I don’t have these community styles. In other words, I can’t find a way to prevent new files having these styles either:

The community files in question are

For what it’s worth, I don’t remember using either of these community files, but I assume I’ve pasted something that has included these styles.

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I have the exact same issues with the exact same libraries. It’s not a standard issue as other people in my team don’t have them. I think Figma messed up with this Community beta libraries.

There is no way to remove them and appear on absolutely all files, old and new. Even if I click Remove they still appear next time I open the file. They don’t show in the account view of the libraries and styles can’t be removed manually as they are not locally.

Tried everything and found no fix. It’s annoying as hell and introduces unnecessary noise. Please fix it.

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Thank you for the answer!

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FYI: The issue seems to be solved now, as I don’t see these community libraries anymore.

how to remove this variable color from this palate

the answer to this will also help me greatly

How can I delete them all… :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Click on the local variable option, from there you can remove all the colors individually


Click on local variables in design panel


How can I delete this libraries, unable to find any delete option.

Hey Syed! As explained by others in the community, please check your design panel, and in the top you can see and click on “Local variables” in design panel to remove the colors you wish. Hope this clarifies!

How to delete these color libraries? - #15 by Fahime_Rostami

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Thanks a lot!