How to delete a variant property

I simply want to delete the property “Label Size” on all my variants. I could do this by renaming the layers and removing “Label Size=Sm” but I have hundreds of variants and that would take forever… I can’t right click on the property anywhere.

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First select the Component Set and then:

Ah! Have to select the set, thanks!!


Hi ! the solution don’t work for me : I select the the component set (“edit_info_layer”) which is composed of two variants with a single property (“SCOPE”). In the Properties parameters panel, no option will pop on a right-click. When hovering the property name, the edition icon is display and it only allows to rename or target the variant with each value.
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Any clue will be welcome :pray:

What do you want to do?

Delete the property " SCOPE "

It is not possible to create Variants in a Component Set without properties, or delete a single property. If you don’t need properties, then don’t combine components as variants. And if already combined, then:

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  1. Select all variants and drag outside the purple border.

Works great and simple as " Bonjour ". Thank you so much :pray:

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