How to delete a boolean property?

I can’t figure out how to delete a property I added to an icon inside a button component. It has a typo and I want to change the name and delete the others but neither that nor deleting it and starting again is available. Does anyone have a solution?


Ok I figured it out. For anyone else struggling with this, you have to right click on what is the purple Loader 3 lozenge here and select go to property. Then it will unhide the Properties panel (which should always be visible imo) and then click on the one you want to delete and press backspace. Alternatively you can rename by double clicking the name.

@Figma_Support this would be a lot easier UX wise if the properties panel was always visible if there was at least one property added. It becomes invisible again by itself after finding it this way, and is very tricky to find in the first place.

very useful tip.

It’s not exactly that the properties are hidden. It’s that it selects the right object.

Your properties are shown like that because you have selected objects that are part of a variant’s properties. But the properties themselves are shown at the component level, not the variant level. If you select the component set then they will show all properties without this roundabout way to get there.

You can also delete a property with Del key or right click and click “Delete property”



That’s the panel you use to assign. The panel you use to delete them is the Property Panel. You must select the variant’s master’s component to see them.