How to connect instance inside instance using prototype

Hey guys!
I would like to connect an instance within another instance using overlay to name the respective post color as in the image below. It’s possible?

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Hey @Junior_Rossi, thank you for reaching out!

Could you give me more information of your issue? What exactly is not working for your, I think I am not following. I tried to reproduce your screen.
I’ve created rectangle component and took the instances to create and overlay. I was able to connect the instance with another instance.

Please let me know what is not working for you, I’m happy to help you out with your case!

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Gayani_S
Many thanks for your support. I forgot to say that scroll feed is an auto layout, so I needed to open the overlay and scroll until the respective object color at the top of page using variables like a delay to animate until ID position. But I found out a solution and published on my Linkedin: Junior Rossi on LinkedIn: #socialmedia #figma #protótipo #eficiência #inovação #produtodigital…

Got it! Thanks for clarifying. Glad that you’ve found a solution for this, let me know if you need any further help. Happy to help out!

Thank you,