How to clear “Used variables” that don’t exist in the file anymore?

quick commands not work for me
I duplicate the problem file and remove all page and everything but it still there


I have a similar problem, I removed all external variables links in my file but still have these external collections as “Used variable” in the mode dropdown menu… Quick command does not find anything

Still have the same issue, used variables are ghosts !!!

I have that same problem. It is not resolved in any way. annoying.

Same issue here. Tried the quick command but it does not work. I even see duplicated modes, with same values, in my file.


Is there any chance for Figma to fix this? It’s a horror show trying to manage massive Design Systems. I already have to leverage Token Studio Plugin to manage and create my variables and themes. Would really like to see some updates to this. Also the YouTube tutorial is useful, but I’ve had literally empty files, that I’ve stripped clean with all kinds of plugins and the (Used variables) persist.

I’ve been practicing extreme file heigein to prevent contamination between old files and new yet it still happens. And now I can’t even use the version controls. I’ve gone back to file conception with the version control and the used variables are now persistent moving back.

I made a backup of my library the other day and imported it to my files and there was no issue. It only contained variables found in that file. Now if I import that same backup it also has the used variables. So not sure if this has something to do with published variables. Not sure because I’ve already unpublished my variables before importing the old save.


This still doesn’t work :frowning:

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Same issue here. I hope to see it fixed when variables are out of beta

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Everything appears to be working fine on my end, but if you’re still experiencing issues, could you please submit a bug report following the steps outlined here:


Hey all, i managed to delete mine via the quick command “toggle variables”:

This let me delete all the mistakenly added variables :slight_smile: hope this helps!

@ksn Any word on an update for this fix?

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How do I access this quick comand?

@ksn An update would be very nice. I am setting up multiple design systems for multiple applications but I am considering not using variables at all at this point because of this issue. A pity because it is so powerful.

I did some testing but this will make a big mess and slow things down.

Used every plugin to find items where old variables might be applied and used every quick command suggested, still having ghost variables in the file. It’s extremely frustrating.


Hey @William_Goff,

You can access Quick Commands using:

  • Mac: ⌘ Command / or ⌘ Command P.
  • Windows: Control + / or Control + P.

Still not fixed. Don’t know, if I should start again a file for a client, with work that already took 4 weeks.

I detached the deleted variables from every layer of my file and the collection still appears in the Local variables menu under “Used variables”

Still not fixed, when can we expect a fix?

Same issue here, still no fix.

This has been going on for so long. I usually think that the Figma support is spot on here but there are too many responses here that feel automated asking us to submit another bug report for the same thing that it seems many people are struggling with.

Figma team, we all work on things with bugs and we’ve probably all experienced hard-to-fix bugs. Can you please let us know if you think a bug fix may be coming soon or not? Either way is good. I can’t keep telling my team that there’s a bug and we don’t have a solution. It’s a massive pain point for our Design <> Dev relationship.

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