How to change the property of different components in prototyping.?

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Currently I am working on a big project, that involves a lot of different state of different components.

Is it possible to change the property of an element/component through clicking on another object?
Given my screenshot below it should be, no?

But linking this rectangle with the below component doesn’t work at all.
I would love to be able to switch the state of the linked object when I click this (example) rectangle in prototyping.
The linked object has different properties available, but I can’t select them tho.

Could you please explain my what I am doing wrong?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Heres another example of what I want to do:

So basically should the click on a child elemente change the state of the parent element and vice versa.

Is this possible too?

I’ve only found really laborious hacks to do such things. I really think there should be a feature around this.

One possible way for the Figma team to explore is in the IX menu details for a ‘click’ action, where ‘change state’ is not assumed to be change of the element that is selected for this interaction, but a ‘remote’ element somewhere else on that page. This way a click of one object can be tied to a state change of another object.

This would massively enable new IX patterns without ‘Invision’ style hacks all over my prototype to mock separate screen states that have the differences illustrated. Currently I have use the ‘navigate to’ with a separate screen setup with that desired state. While this workaround hack somewhat works, it means many many copies of screens to manage the various states, and it quickly blows up if you have multiple states to manage in your flows.

It is also tied into a limitation that only 1x of each IX can be used. A ‘click’ should be possible to trigger multiple things, imho.


Agreed. This is a painful limitation.

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For all the cool ‘tricks’ that Figma offers, being able to affect the parent state/layer property from a child would truly change the game. It would enable accordion/windowshade components (click on header to hide/show content below).

This is such a huge problem for me right now. I have had to make many many duplicates of pages to show how the dependencies of a button being clicked play out. I also agree with having more than one event being mappable to an action. This would reduce my workload by a solid 40% if I could just set some really basic dependencies.

Following the discussion here, This feature is a must-have.
being able to change 1 component’s properties from a different component is a basic thing, we need to be able to change the global state or something like that to achieve this.