How to change spacing between single elements in Auto Layout


I am trying to have more spacing between the subtext and the button. Every time I got to adjust the padding, it changes the padding between all elements within the Auto Layout grouping. Is there a way to achieve this without changing the spacing between the headline and subtext?

Hi @Jon_Infanti

You should group the Header and Paragraph in another separate Auto Layout and set the margin here. The nice thing is that you can nest Auto Layouts to achieve this behaviour.

@Edwart I’m new to Figma and not sure what you mean. I was able to auto layout the headline and paragraph and have it Fill and Hug. Now how do I add the button into that?

Hi @Jon_Infanti

To achieve this:

  • You select the Auto Layout you created of the Header and Paragraph together with the button.
  • Then you press SHIFT + A (create new Auto Layout).
  • Now the elements are nested in another auto layout, where you can set the space between, only affecting the space between the button and the group of Header and Paragraph.

Hope this helps.

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