How to achieve fixed position for one scroll direction (vert./horiz.) only?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to achieve a scrolling behaviour which is best known from spreadsheet applications (such as Excel):
I have created table with columns and rows and the table is overflowing in width and height. Currently, I have a frame with Auto-Layout which holds every row (as a subframe) and inside the row, different cells (as subframes).

What I want is this:
When I scroll vertically, all rows are supposed to scroll with exception of the column header row. When I scroll horizontally, I want the column header row to scroll but the first column of my table to be fixed (with the first column being the row header).

I don’t know how to nest my frames into each other to achieve this behaviour. It seems I can only achieve one but not both. Has anybody an idea how to achieve this two-directional scrolling with fixing elements for a certain scroll direction?

Ideally, I would like to achieve a scrolling behaviour similar to speadsheets, where you cannot scroll “diagonally” (like with a map). Instead, it would be good if either horizontal or vertical scrolling works at a time. This however is probably not possible with Figma, right…?

Wow, thanks for the Example file!
This will certainly get very close to what I want to achieve.
Thanks again. Much appreciated! :slight_smile: