How shortcut bring to front on german keyboard?

I am definitely not able to find to shortcut on German keyboard layout to bring objects to front/ back

Hey @Gael,

It should be Strg + Shift + ’

Here’s a cheat sheet for non-US keyboards:

Sorry - my mistake, I mean on macOS Keyboard

I have the same problem using a Mac with German keyboard layout, where “[” and “]” do not own particular keys.

I downloaded the desktop app of figma and found out that the shortcuts listed there are a bit different to those which are documented in the “shortcut menu”


Unfortunatley, the “Bring Forward” shortcut [cmd] + Ä does not work but toggles the pixel grid visibility - here it seems that there is actually a bug!

The “Bring Back” action works with [cmd] + Ö.

I hope that Figma fixes this. Currently it is easier for a German layout user to use Figma on a PC than on a Mac :frowning:

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You folks can sign up for Select (german) keyboard layout beta test – I did the same (but shame on me, I’m so used to the former shortcuts, I didn’t test it yet :sweat_smile:)

(@Sven_Stauden did you already signed up for the mentioned beta? – because of the shortcuts shown in the screenshot you’ve attached.)

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