How is the new prototype preview window useful?

The new in-place prototype preview window (instead of the full-screen presentation preview) is very weird to me in a few ways. It looks like a window but:

  1. It can’t be dragged outside the main Figma window e.g., to a separate monitor, which means it blocks part of my main Figma workspace most of the time.
  2. It can’t be closed with cmd+w. What’s worse, when I follow the muscle memory to do so it closes my entire Figma file.
  3. It requires an extra click to go to the full presentation view which I use most of the time because I am designing large screen apps that don’t fit into the tiny in-place preview window.

Maybe I am using it wrong? Or is there a way to turn it off?

For me, the new prototype preview is what I use to very quickly hop in to test a particular interaction and iterate on it, and the full preview is when I’m presenting/testing an entire flow.

Are you designing for phone or desktop? I find it very useful for the former since I can view the prototype alongside the source designs. For desktop it is useless. I’d like a way to disable it based on frame size of the prototype.


I can imagine it being very useful as a quick preview for mobile app design. If Figma can make the preview window a real window at the OS level, it would be perfect for both cases.