How do you disable this canvas alert?

Many actions I take, mostly zoom and Auto Layout resizing properties, result in this black alert/notification at the bottom of the canvas. I have looked through the preferences and haven’t found anything. I would love to disable it.

Edit: For anyone seeing “Start by selecting a layer” and “Layer selected” as I have, these are from the skale plugin. The underlying issue still applies and we should be able to turn this off in Figma (not contacting different plugin creators).

Hello, please did you find a way to disable it? I’m facing the same problem now and I’m unable to resolve it, can’t even find any helpful content to aid resolving it. Looking forward to to getting a response from you. Thanks in anticipation.

Thanks for the feedback here. Will pass this along to the team, but as of right now there’s not a way to disable this toast message. It mostly appears when using keyboard shortcuts to show that the action was successful or not. But I can see how it can maybe a little annoying or distracting in some cases.

>>> It mostly appears when using keyboard shortcuts

That really isn’t the case. It’s fairly constant and for the most trivial things. In no way do we need this:


This is a message coming from a plugin that you have running currently (you can see its icon on the toast). Feel free to either close the plugin or reach out to the plugin creator and suggest improvements.

Ah you’re right. You can see how and why this is unclear and troublesome and the original issue still applies - we should be able to disable this within Figma.