How do I setup Universal design system on Figma


We currently have 2 seperate designs systems, one for web and one for mobile apps with its own visual language.
We intend to unify the visual language with a higher arching UNIVERSAL design system.

How should we attempt to do this on Figma?

While there are some guidelines for creating design systems, there does not exist one true, right approach. It all depends on requirements of your projects and your workflow.

For example I’m working for a company who have multitude of brands and I need very granular control over multitude of components and their styling. You may be working for a company that have one established branding and that amount of control would be an overkill for you.

This is handy website with collections of Figma design systems from established brands like Amazon, Github or IBM. It’s nice to see how different companies approach their design systems and see what may work for you.