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How Do I Select Which Component Is My Container w/ Smart Layout?


I am exploring switching over to Figma from Sketch, and have been struggling with Auto Layout compared to Sketch.

When I try to make an auto-layout component for a modal, each component stacks and the card is not auto-recognized as the container, as mentioned in the tutorial. This auto-layout component is comprised of a 1. card component (variant), 2. a text auto-layout component (headline & body text), and a button component (variant).

The tutorial on auto-layout notes that Figma automatically recognizes which component should be the container, but that does not seem to be working. So I’m wondering if there is a way to manually indicate which should be the the container (card component in this case).

I have tried detaching each component, playing with the layer order, removing the shadow from the card, and making the card a frame before turning into an auto-layout component.

Thank you!

Can you share a little video that illustrate the concern please ?