How do I mark a frame as ready for development?

All the new help posts and help docs mention marking frames as “Ready for development” which is it’s own list and makes diffs easier. However I cannot seem to find the place to actually mark/tag frames as ready. Anyone found this?


Same. Either there’s a bug or this is rather unfindable. They did say “Beta” after all, maybe they forgot something.

  1. It’s done on Sections, not Frames.


  1. You need to reload the Figma files you want o get updates in if you haven’t yet.

Thank you! I missed Sections as a thing entirely. I remember them in FigJam but hadn’t seen them in files. Got it.

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Not able to find how to mark “Ready for development”

  1. Are you in Figma editor (not FigJam)?

  2. Did you create a Section and hover over its name?

Got it, Thanks mate!

@Celine_Doan this thread can probably be closed too :slight_smile:

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@Gleb Thanks for the info, I closed! :slight_smile: