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How do I maintain the aspect ratio of a child frame when resizing the parent frame?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the aspect ratio tool work properly as I always have to hold shift. Likewise, using the “scale” constraints leads to a stretched child frame.

Does anyone know a way to allow this functionality? Seems pretty basic, hoping I missed something somewhere.

There is a solution that allows you to do that, its a little bit hacky though. This file illustrates how it works: Figma - Fixed aspect ratio in Figma Auto Layout | Change the width of Auto Layout component keeping the aspect ratio of its child element. It's per...

Hi Jan, appreciate the link! It’s a little too hacky to be able to use in designs. Also, I prefer using a vector logo in my design for proper scaling (non-image). Hopefully this is on the roadmap for the development team. Intuition says the scale constraint paired with “maintain aspect ratio” would achieve this.