How do I import a Jamboard into Figma?

How do I convert jamboard documents into Figma documents?

Hey Timothy, thanks for asking!

Importing from Jamboard is not available yet, but our team is already working on it and plans to launch before Jamboard is officially winds down. Import will allow you to transfer everything in just a few clicks - stay tuned!

You can now import Jamboard files. You can find out more here:

Hi, I wonder if someone can help?

I have been using Jamboard for years, but given Google’s announcement that they are closing it down I am looking for an alternative.

I have used Miro and Mural too, but come back to Jamboard for two simple reasons:

  • it’s super easy for even naive IT users to navigate.
  • I can introduce one frame at a time

On the latter, usually I’ll do something like this:

  • On a Zoom or Meet call, I’ll post a link to the jamboard and tell people we will be using the Jamboard as an electronic whiteboard
  • people will click on the link and find themselves on Frame 1.
  • I’ll say what I need to say, and then I’ll ask them to move to Frame two - by clicking on the next Frame button.

Can someone point me to how to do this in FigJam?

I know that with Mural or Miro sharing the link to the board just lands the participant in the middle of the board and they need to figure out how to move around, to follow me, even to zoom in and out before we can all be on the same frame.

I have had a bit of play with FigJam but am currently baffled at how to achieve this simple narrative flow?

Many thanks for any input :grinning:


Hi Pete,

Thanks for the post!

If you’re looking to share a specific section, you can do so by pressing Cmd (or Ctrl for Windows) + L on the section you wish to share:

By hyperlinking text, such as ‘Next’, you allow others to click on the button and be guided to the linked frame:

You can even put yourself in the spotlight. The spotlight feature in Figma allows you to gather collaborators in a file who will automatically follow your view of the FigJam board. Here’s more information on how to facilitate meetings with the spotlight feature.:

I hope these are helpful but please feel free to let us know if you have further questions!


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