How do I change the section default color?

I somehow changed the default color of a section to #FFFFFF. I can’t seem to change it to a different color anymore.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Figma Icon > Edit > Set Default Properties


Hey So Jung :slight_smile:

Have you tried to change the color fill on side bar?

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Yes, I have. But I don’t want to have to manually change it every time I create a new section.


+1 This frustrates me too. As a workaround, I realized that copy/paste properties works on sections, so every time I create a new section I just copy the styles over from another one using the keyboard shortcut. Not ideal, but still faster than changing manually.


Hey @SoJung_Ham, sorry for the frustration!

There is currently no way to set your default Section color in Figma, but this is already on our radar for improvement.

Feel free to add your feedback for the team and vote here: Set Default Section Colours in Figma

In the meantime, @Brian_Saunders1’s workaround may help. You can also try the shortcut ^ + C to bring up the Color Picker, so you can select an alternative color from other elements on your canvas.


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