How can I utilise libraries to create website designs with multiple themes?

I’m creating a website that requires 10+ themes. The base components will likely be the same, but colour, text styles, images etc. will need to change per theme. I’ve explored the tokens plugin but quite hesitant to use at this time and rely solely on a plugin rather than native functionality.

I was wondering if I could utilise the swap libraries function, to quickly take a page design and switch out the styles (and components) from another library/theme. However, would this mean I have to separate out my 10+ colour, text styles in to separate files to be able to publish 10+ separate libraries? Or is there a way to keep everything together in the main design system file yet still publish separate libraries to then ‘switch’ in my design project file?

I hope I’m being clear enough with my question? Also, if anyone has any recommendations of a better workflow, I’m all ears!