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How can I un-component a component?

i feel like i am going insane but i cannot find the solution to this. once i create a component i cannot undo this. i can only detach instances of a component

i already uninstalled all plugins and reproduced it in a new file. am i missing somthing glaring obvious?


Detach instance and delete the component.


so you are saying it is not possible to convert a component back?

Yes exactly.


I know how to detatch an instance. I wrote that in my first statement.

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I feel your pain. This is such a simple function and yet they make it so amazingly complicated. I find the same nonsense with adding a simple border to an object. They have 400 ways to shade the color of a box, but not even 1 simple option for drawing a line around the box. I get the feeling the Figma designers don’t ever use their product.


I get it, I miss these options as well. I dont think they use it at all though.

There’s a plugin called Detach Master, if that’s what you mean?


Thank you so much.

Make a copy, detach it from the original, delete the original.

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