How can I prototype from one frame to another that it navigates to the top of the destination frame when the interaction is triggered

Good day, please! I am working on a website design with different pages, and after prototyping, when I navigate from the home page to the “about us” page, for instance, it shows the bottom of the page (the footer) instead of the top when it goes to the destination page, so I have to scroll up to get to the beginning of the page.

Is there a way to make it show the top of the page instead, because it makes the presentation confusing for others ?

Hi @Oyiza_Kharimat_Usman

You need to select the frame and on Constrain section tick the (Fix position when scrolling)

This way your header will stay at the top

However for this to work you need to also have scrolled content inside a frame and if your page is in full content or auto-layout properties you won’t be able to see it

Here is what you should do in that case:
1- Select landing frame and take it out of auto-layout
2- resize the frame to desired size and hit clip content on frame properties
3- go to prototype and choose vertical scroll
4- select header and set as Fixed position

You can also add button to scroll to the top but you need to search it on youtube it takes some skills and tutorials

hoe this helps you

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Thank you, I would try the suggestions out