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Hovers on interactive components are malfunctioning and rendering oddly

Hovers on interactive components are malfunctioning in the prototype and present modes in a few different ways:

  • Rendering text oddly, letters are getting jumbled
  • Filling in areas with color
  • Seemingly disappearing from view

Seeing this on 2021-04-07T23:50:00Z

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Can confirm it’s happening on my end too. Rebuilt the buttons from scratch and still the same.

I can confirm the same is happening on my end with interactive components.

Same here. Glad I’m not crazy. My interactive components have been functioning flawlessly for days, but suddenly went haywire. Same bug across multiple browsers, Figma Mirror iOS app as well as MacOS desktop app.

Having the same issue.

Having similar problems here too. Just noticed it in the last few hours. It’s making me crazy! Earlier today, I wasn’t having the same problems

Hey folks - thanks for the reports. This looks very serious - we’re looking into it.

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Having similar problems. All interactive components in all my files are not working well.


Hey all - this should now be fixed. If you refresh and the problem persists, please let me know. Thanks for being patient.


@Andrew_Chan It’s certainly much better, the hover issue is gone. Thanks to the team for jumping on this so quickly!

I’m finding that click interactions aren’t registering until maybe the third or forth click. Not sure if it’s related or not, but it wasn’t happening on the same prototype as it was yesterday.

That seems unrelated, but also a bug. If you can consistently reproduce this, do you mind sharing a link to the file with me via DM? You can make sure I have access by inviting me at A video of the issue occurring would also be very helpful.

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Thank you kindly!! Can confirm things are working normally on my end.

@Andrew_Chan I have an issue with nested hover states getting “stuck” ie. a button inside a table row, both with a hover transition, if you hover both then frequently the button gets stuck in the hover state (top level row doesn’t seem to get stuck). Possibly related to this bug?