Hover states are being triggered behind an frames/layers/objects

I am created various prototypes in Figma, and in the prototype, I sometimes have an overlay and a modal on top of a screen, to show that modal’s interaction.

But I noticed that when I mouse over elements, it triggeres the hover states behind the overlay? How does that make sense?

See this prototype:

Here’s the file:

Do people have any solutions for this?

Note: I can’t use “open overlay” because that functionality is broken too.
Imagine I have an overlay that’s small like a dropdown, then I click on that to open another overlay (using smart overlay). I can’t reposition it accordingly or add animations etc, because Figma does not work well with multiple overlays connected to one another.


I’m having a similar issue but not using “open overlay”. I have 2 dropdown menus that overlap another interactive element. When I hover over the dropdown and the underlying interactive element, the hover triggers both. I set all layers to “Normal” rather than “Pass Through” but with no luck, I’m getting the same type of result reported here. Would appreciate any insight, thanks!

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