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Hover state doesn't reset

I used hover to create button hover states, but since today it no longer resets to its original state when I stop hovering. I can mimic the intended use by using mouse enter and mouse leaves, but until today hover worked.

It also doesn’t reset when you open an overlay, it’ll remain in its “hover” state forever, even when using mouse enter/mouse leaves.


I faced this problem too.

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No just hover, it’s happening across many interactions from Prototype. Please Figma team fix this ASAP!!! :disappointed:

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Same here.

same, while hoverting state remains active

I am having this same issue with Variants, Mouse Enter works fine but then it will not change back When mouse leave. Any fix for this yet?


The bug continues to persist.

It needs to be fixed asap, ples.

I also faced a similar issue, and the workaround I found is to add 1 more interaction “Mouse out” on the hover variant, back to the Default variant.

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I think I’ve got the same problem

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While hovering seems to work, but the reset back to the first state doesn’t animate back using the same animation set to get there and just snaps back. If we can make it retain the set animation state (custom or otherwise) when returning from the hover when the mouse leaves the hover area that’d be awesome, so I don’t have to make an extra 6 interactive states to use this with mouse enter/mouse leave.

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