Horizontal scroll and/or sort the layers/libraries panel

At least a Shift + mouse wheel scroll would be enough for a quick fix, even if it doesn’t center automatically to your layer name.

Would really love this! Such a small change but big help for navigation…

Hello Figma,

Could you please enable the horizontal scroll bar in left side layer panel section. Otherwise if i expand manually the layer panel, most of the area its occupied by layer panel section and getting smaller area in my workspace. I can’t able to see the layer name fully and if hover on that showing the visible and lock icon within smaller area.

Vijayan M

Why haven’t they fixed this yet?


Any updates here? Is there another ticket tracking this issue??


Please, oh please!

Would love to horizontally scroll within the layers panel. I often have to resize the layers panel to see things that are very deeply nested, but even after you get so many layers deep, the layers panel is expanded to as wide as it can possibly go and I still can’t see my layers to lock or hide. A horizontal scroll within this section would fix this!

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I was about to post the same feature request. Need this badly.
See ↓


I’ve been tinkering with the layer panel for a while now. I have a few observations and suggestions.


  1. Organizing files. Users have often used blank pages as an hack to create a structure for organizing their files in the layers panel e.g. title and dividers.
  2. Horizontal scroll bar. Item names sometimes expand beyond the width of the layers panel. Although, the width can be expanded but that - expanding and reducing every now and then - can be quite stressful for users with smaller screen sizes.


  1. Organizing files. Include features to add title and dividers in addition to pages.
  2. Horizontal scroll bar. Include an horizontal scroll at the bottom of the layers panel.

Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Hi, Does anyone else think that nested layers take up way too much width in the sidebar?

When working on laptop with limited screen space, nested layers start getting unusable once they go past 4-5 levels deep. You either expand the side panel and lose ‘design’ space or use ‘Interface scale’ = reduced UI readability IMO.

Suggested solution > Compact Layers Mode
Provide an option to disable the ‘margin-right: 8px’ on the nested indents.

Video example
Disabling 1x CSS element gives you a lot more room:

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I have also faced the same issue!

yes plz add this feature

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Legend! A++

Now if this can only be implemented by Figma as a setting.
Or could this be done with a plugin + hotkey combo to run this script?

I second this! I reached a point where some of my components are nested to the point where I cant read what it is, and not having a horizontal scrollbar makes it hard to see it. The expander for the whole left panel only goes so far, and I apparently reached the point where i have too many layers and drilling down with the expander to its max horizontal width still wont show my component names. Sharing screenshot.

It would already help to not limit the resizing of the left panel to 500px. It’s such a small change that would lead to less frustration.


Unfortuanetly not, as Figma Plugins have no way to change Figma’s UI. And my solution is already super hacky. We need to make more people aware of this problem so Figma prioritzes this problem even higher.

I’ve updated my script. You can find the new version in my original post (userscript is updated too!). The new version fixes some visual bugs, also removed horizontal scrolling activation, due to more investigation is needed.

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Ow I really need horizontal scrolling, now more than ever. In the applications we design we have a lot of nested components and a lot of tables like designs. So that means a lot of nested layers to open to find and see that I have the right layer selected and to see how the layers are structured. In some cases, I can’t expend the layer panel any wider and can see all the layers. So you know… I can’t really see what is going on… That is not relaxed. Drives me nuts.

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Is there a keyboard shortcut for opening and closing frames/groups/sections/auto layouts in the sidebar?

I want to use the keyboard more and it would be helpful to be able to do that so that I can manage available space efficiently.


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Please fix it as soon as possible.