Hiding/Showing elements in components with same proprety

Hello folks!

I’m working on a Figma component with two sections: “Available Features” and “My Features” (the ones I’ve added). The challenge is that these features can only be in one place at a time. So, if I move Feature A from “Available Features” to “My Features,” it should disappear from the former and appear in the latter. I’m struggling to set up the properties to achieve this with a single toggle.

The traditional way of using variants is possible, but with numerous combinations, it’s becoming hard to manage, especially with the potential addition of new features in the future. Any ideas on how to simplify this process?

Hey Vasile, there is a plugin that might help you out. Here is a YouTube video explaining how to use it.

It is just me, or I cannot see any link :smiley: ?

Apologies! This is the plugin and the YouTube video.