Hiding Dev Mode Button

I’m constantly clicking on this by accident. Is there a way to disable this shortcut so it doesn’t appear on every single frame?


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Hey @Will_DiMondi ,
This is not possible at the moment. Dev Mode cannot be disabled as it is included in the full design seat, however its use is completely optional. If you prefer to keep Dev Mode inactive, ensure the toggle at the top of the Design Mode page is turned off. Check out this help center article to learn more about toggling between Design Mode and Dev Mode.

Please note that viewer and viewer-restricted collaborators on your team won’t have access to Dev Mode. Hope this clarifies!

Very strange product decision. What would signal that I need the ability to mark every single frame ready for dev? Does not make sense at all.


I would love to be able to hide this as well as disable the dev mode feature entirely. Somehow I accidentally activate Dev mode with keyboard shortcuts at least once a day and I’m not even sure how. Seems like a feature built for enterprise Figma clients which makes sense, since they are the ones who are probably paying the most, but it still would be nice to at least disable some of these sorts of “features”

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PLEASE DELETE THIS SHIT, the F i need this? i’m solo nocode developer – i don’t need this stupid icons all over my Figma.

I’d also like to disable it. As the admin of a global enterprise team, it’s time consuming to keep denying upgrade requests since we don’t use it and won’t budget for it anytime soon. There needs to be a way in the admin section to remove this feature completely.