Hide the collection from the color menu


I was watching Figma like the pros: Figma like the pros - Christine V, Eugene F, Femke van S, Helena Z, Joey B, Molly H, Rusmir A - YouTube
Molly was showing how to hide the collection (with “. or _”) from the color menu, but that feature doesn’t work for me.

If I want to use Primitives and Alias tokens I have to scroll trough long lists of variables.

And Color scoping doesn’t seem to work for me too. Am I the only one?

Cheers from Latvia :slight_smile:

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Confirming that the “. or _” tip described in the video does not hide the collection in the color menu for me either :cry: Was looking at this thread earlier, which also describes this same pain point and possible solutions.

I was excited about variables and started to adjust our design system, but the Beta isn’t polished enough to use in real life.

Bummer, but it feels safer just to stick with the styles considering that we don’t have variables for typography. One part is variables other is styles. Doesn’t seem right.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


So I think adding the the “." or "_” does hide the collection in other files, if you have published the library of the file that is hosting the collections and you have enabled the library in other files. So I would advise setting up the variables in a separate file and publishing the variables as a library or setting up the variables in your design system.

same problem here, I want to hide colors from the panel. is still not working.

What I did was create a different file for primitives, that way I can simply instruct designers to never use the “primitives” file, only the alias tokens file