Hey, everybody. I need some help. I select a component and want to go to the main component. But there is no right button on the panel to go to the main component, also there is no command in the context menu

Hey, everybody. I need some help. I select a component and want to go to the main component. But there is no right button on the panel to go to the main component, also there is no command in the context menu.

Hello @Lidiya

There is two reasons for this button to not be visible :

  1. You don’t have access to the library — the button disappears so you can’t open the library link.
  2. You do have access to the library but only as a Viewer. This one makes zero sense to me so I sent an additional inquiry. Update: it happens because I have access to this library using a public view link but I was not invited to this file directly by email.

source: “Go to main component” button is gone (read below) - #5 by Gleb

I think this question is due to a design bug :slightly_smiling_face:

If a command isn’t available, removing it from the UI is confusing (as this question shows). Better to retain it in the UI and grey/disable it out so that if you do try to interact with it, you can get a message about why you can’t use it.

Figma accepted this as a suggestion from me (see thread linked above — feel free to send them an email with a suggestion too) but they acknowledged this terrible UX regression is intentional but didn’t explain why, only this: “However, there have been cases where users have explicitly flagged this as a security risk that is a big deal to them and has caused real harm.”

If showing a command is a security risk, that implies something like a user seeing an “admin” command they can’t access, and then working to get somebody to grant it to them. If that’s the case, then Figma’s excuse sounds like a classic case of annoying the majority for the sake of a minority (who in this case can’t sort out their own security policies). Again, bad design I would say.

Hi. I have the same problem, and it’s complete wrecked my project. Figma’s UX path to disaster for me was as follows:

  1. Try to change your product purchases so that you’re no longer paying for their FigJam offering. --Try doing this by clicking on the “upgrade” option in the Admin UI.
  2. Get blocked from changing your product purchase settings: learn that you can’t upgrade unless you have an @ type email.
  3. Cancel Figma as the only visible path to changing your product purchases. Tell the UI in the exit options “why yes, I did cancel because I couldn’t change product purchases”.
  4. Get a business domain email since it was about time anyway.
  5. Renew subscription with Figma. While you’re at it, change your email per their email business domain requirements.
  6. Try to resume your work. Discover that your “change main component” functionality has vanished, effectively orphaning your style library from its dependent design files, and trashing a core value proposition of Figma.
  7. Come here, looking for a solution.


  • This all happened in a 24hr period, in which by chance my monthly subscription was due to expire. I canceled, it expired, and I returned the next day.

OK I figured out the issue, at least for my use case. I had downloaded all my .fig files for safety’s sake prior to cancelling my subscription. As I returned, I discovered that my work was still there but now under the “starter” subscription or whatever. So I re-subscribed, and changed my email to one with a biz domain as described above.

Now, when I re-entered my work as a “Professional” plan subscriber, I needed to upload one of the .fig files. I went into youtube to figure out how to do this and I guess there are at least 2 places to import .fig files. I happened to pick one that didn’t associate the file properly with my team project. By trial and error I found that you could also import straight into the project, which I guess is a different “import” to other spaces in Figma, and then the .fig file correctly found the style guide from which it had been orphaned.

Hope the above makes sense.

I am in no way mollified. I wouldn’t have lost 2 hrs of my day if it hadn’t been for Figmas #darkpatterns BS in the product purchase UX flow in the first place. As soon as this project is over I’m done with Figma.