Help! Published Design Kit Disappeared from Figma

Hi everyone,

I’m facing a bit of a crisis here. I just published a large design kit in Figma (my first memory usage alerts hitting one :tada:), but now the file has vanished from my Figma account. I’ve checked everywhere, and it’s nowhere to be found.

Somehow I managed to favorite the file, but when I try to click it in the Figma Mac App it won’t open anything, and when I try to open it in the browser version of Figma I get to see this notification:

Is it possible that it’s still processing due to its size and might reappear later? I don’t see any publishing modal or indication of ongoing activity. I’ve even tried searching for it manually with no luck, including amongst deleted files.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Any advice on what might have happened or how to retrieve the file would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there! Sorry to hear you are having issue!
Can you first double check your folders, drafts, then also in the Deleted tab of your Drafts? (more information here:
If this doesn’t help, our support team may be able to have a look into your permissions rights. Please reach out directly to the support team with a link of your file by filling a form here: Hope this helps!