Help on how to recreate this animation in Figma


I am looking for some guidance on how to recreate the below animation in Figma. I have a basic knowledge and have started to construct a carousel layout similar to the animation. However, the output is a bit of a mess so far.

I am simply looking to scale up images (left to right) and scale down images (right to left) with no opacity fade.

Any help would be great,


Figma file so far:

Hey @Jacob_C

Seeing your animation it seems that you have a structure integrity problem. For Smart animation to work properly you have to make sure your start frame and end frame share the same structure so Figma will understand what to move.

Good practice :

  • try naming element that are supposed to animate with a unique name (card-1, card-2, … will do just fine)
  • element can move in a frame as long as they stay on the same level (as shown below)

Hope it helped

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Hey @Haroll

Thank you for your reply. Appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge.
I feel like i’ve made some progress with your suggestions.

Is there any way to make a smoother transition of the top card? At the moment the one below overlaps it and i’d to get closer to the animation where it’s a fluid scale.

Link to the updated Fig file:

Any further help would be great.
Thank you

I don’t think there is any overlap in the original animation you shared

You just need to find the sweet spot (position x) from where the left card start to where it ends so it won’t overlap.

You are totally right, I’m not trying to achieve an overlap. I’m just not sure how to stop it from happening on my build?

I need the cards to overlap to create the staggered effect, but seems like i can only achieve no overlap is to have the cards aligned to each others edge rather than behind?

Thanks again for your help.

Can’t post link to the host for some reason, but replied to your comment on my file.

Oh okay, I’m afraid Smart Animate (and Figma in general) is not cut for the precision you trying to achieve (easily).

I’m sure it can be done but it will ask a lot of Figma Spaghetti (= you will have to create a lot of frame in between two state so you can shape your animation as you wish

Maybe try to take a look at plugins like Jitter (the free version should do)
:warning: I do not use this plugin, I’ve no idea how it works.