Help! Copied component won't become instance

When I copy the component in a frame to outside the frame, it becomes a main component also instead of an instance. Please help me I’m stuck .

@Thao_Le1 Hmm…can you reply with the exact steps you’re doing when this happens? I did some testing on my end, but maybe I’m not following the same flow you are.

What I did:

-Created a frame
-Created an object in the frame; made it a component
-Copied the component using keyboard shortcut
-Pasted onto the canvas, outside of the frame using right-click menu
-An instance of the component was pasted, as expected.

let me know when you have a moment.

Press Alt and drag and drop the component outside of the purple component box.

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Thank you very much Wasi, that’s exactly the solution for my problem.

Hi Ksn, the problem just occurs when I have component inside a frame box - for example there are some variants within a frame, and I’ve found solution that is using Alt/ Option (on MAC) to drag the component outside.
When it came to just a single main component which are itself a frame, so the copy and paste always create instance.
Thank you for your answer :blush:

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