'grid' auto layout that overflows contents into next row

Ideally for a sidebar, I’d like to have the right side here instead of the left:

where copying and pasting a ‘Tool’ in the Layers panel wraps automatically wraps around to a new row instead of having to create a new row and paste it in.

Any suggestions? Layout Grids applied to the desktop don’t feel appropriate as responsiveness to different device widths isn’t a concern - but I would like the tools to overflow to the next line if the sidebar width is changed.

(forgot to mention that the 7th tool added couldn’t fit in the current sidebar width)

Impossible with current Autolayout. Vote here for the feature.

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Oh, I spent an hour in Figma trying to do it some way, then 30 minutes searching for an answer and there’s a thread with over a thousand votes asking for the same!

Thanks - only used Figma for half an hour prior and didn’t think I’d reached a limitation already.