Graphical glitches / chunking on Chrome

Hi all,
I’m running Chrome 120 with the Figma web UI, and I’ve run across some graphical glitches that makes the entire site inoperable. Here is a screenshot of the problem:

Specifications of my system, may it be of relevance:

  • Fedora 39 Workstation on Thinkpad E15 G4
  • Chrome 120, UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36
  • Figma reports the GPU in DevTools: [GPU] vendor:“Google Inc. (AMD)” renderer:“ANGLE (AMD, Vulkan 1.3.255 (AMD Radeon Graphics (RADV RENOIR) (0x000015E7)), radv)”
  • Figma is running on frontend commit cd7f8cca6d4a5de7f88dd4e9c59b286a0714fd52

I have the same Chrome 120, Kubuntu. w/ Radeon 780M Graphics, 32Gg ram

Hey @IzKuipers – I want to get you in touch with our TQ team for more help. I’m not familiar enough with Linux to confidently help troubleshoot this. Is the email associated with your Figma account the best one to contact you at?

Same for you as well @Tony32 – Is the email associated with your Figma account the best one to use to get in touch with you?

@ksn Thank you for the response, though it appears I’ve managed to solve the issue by disabling Vulkan in Chrome’s flags (@Tony32 this may help you as well). The issue appears to be caused when running Chrome’s Vulkan on Linux… It’s a lead nonetheless.

Disabling Vulkan seems to have solved it. I assume disabling Vulkan in Chrome is a sort of’ downgrade’ ?

Same at my place. Disabling Vulkan = disabling HW video acceleration. It’s really downgrade, but it is really Chrome’s bug…

Oh, interesting! This one was a bit above my head since I’m not familiar with Linux, but I did pop this information over to our tech quality team so they were aware.

Just putting this here for posterity, if anyone comes across it again (especially on fc39): this is an amdgpu driver bug in kernel 6.7.5 (and possibly slightly earlier).

It is tracked here: [TRACKING] Graphical corruption in Fedora 39 (AMD 3.03 BIOS) - #180 by Matt_Hartley - Linux - Framework Community

You can patch drm-buddy manually and rebuild the module with the patch provided here: [1/2] drm/buddy: Fix alloc_range() error handling code - Patchwork

Upgrading to fc40 solves the issue. Upgrading to the latest kernel in fc39 may fix it also.