Gradient maps effect. How to?

Hi community :wave:
Can anybody tell is there a way to enable/mockup gradient map effect in Figma?

I’m sharing design assets with DWeb Nodes ( Every Node has its own gradient overlay on the dithered images, which is currently done via Photoshop. Because all files will be shared via Figma, would be nice to have all effects in one file.

Thank you in advance!


Download plugin Duotones. I think you can get the same effect.


Duotones helps. Definitely. It is not the same effect but with some tweaks, you can get the same look and feel. I put those easy steps together, I hope this helps you and anyone that is wondering the same thing.

Step 1: Duotones Plugin to apply the FX.

Step 2:

  • Flip the fill order → Put the one with the fx at the bottom.
  • Finally, to the one “without fx”: decrease its opacity until 20% and increase its contrast between 50 to 70%
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Hi @Iryna_Nezhynska,

I have recently launched plugin called “Gradient Mapper”. Here I would like to share link for it, please try it once and share your feedback, it will be great to hear from you.

Gradient Mapper Figma Plugin