Google Calendar Chrome extension - 'Log in with Figma' button doesn't do anything when clicked

I have the Figma<>Google Calendar extension installed, but when I try to ‘Log in with Figma’ while setting up or editing a Google Calendar meeting, but the button doesn’t do anything when clicked.

It’s worked for me before and been very useful; if I recall correctly, it’s done this to me before, and I’m not sure what resolved it.

Hi @KailynNelsonTrove can you check the add-ons in your Google Cal and try to remove and then re-install the Figma for Chrome extensions add on for Google Calendar. I would also suggest trying to clear your browser cache as see if that helps as well.

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That worked, thanks! Any idea why I have to remove & reinstall?

I’m glad to hear that it worked for you! When you remove and reinstall, it essentially resets your browser settings and extensions, which can help resolve issues that might have occurred due to conflicts or outdated data.