Go to Main Component Button

Could we please add the Go to main component button on the Prototype page as well? I find myself needing to refer back to components even when im in prototype mode. Thanks!

Hey @eRios, thanks for the feedback!

Can you please provide more context on the situation when you need to go the Main Component when Prototyping?

We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration.

Hello, due to the quantity of variants I have for all components - there are many times during my day when I am in prototype and am testing between the present screen and my work to see if I got the correct hover states / click states. I have lots of variants near the end stages of the project because our teams really good at giving feedback.

I’ll be on prototype mode clicked into my component and I can’t remember what version I am using or what hover version its going into. I always have to exit my interactions dropdown → click on design → then go to main component to visit my versions.

I find myself wishing many times we had the prototype name and main component button on the same page as prototype for these reasons and that I wouldn’t have to open up interactions every time, after all that’s 90% of the reasons why I go there. But that’s just me wanting to avoid clicking into things so much.

Thank you for your consideration!

Thanks for the additional context, @eRios!

We’ll pass this onto the team. Don’t forget to also Vote up top! :point_up:

Our team uses votes to gauge overall interest from the community.

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