Give unique access to specific pages

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First, I’m happy about the opportunity where I can make an impact on this amazing product.

My idea is pretty simple but can make a huge difference in the way we share files with stakeholders and colleagues. I suggest adding the ability to give different access (viewer/editor) for pages within a Figma file.

Because in most cases, we’re trying to include a whole project, feature, or function, whether small or big, in one Figma file - it becomes a real pain-point if the lowest level of grant permissions it’s the file itself instead of the pages within the file.

I’m sure a lot in this community can agree with me that many times you gave people access - it was relevant to certain areas of the file, and less to other areas.

  • I want to give content writers access to a specific page where they can edit and review content.
  • I want to give developers access to a specific page where they can play with responsive layers and explore edge-cases.
  • I want to leave experiments (Some would call it a playground, sandbox :smiley:) and previous versions to myself, to avoid background noises from the rest

The current situation is that I give everyone viewers access, each one of them looking for his relevant place among the information load and I avoid giving an editor access to prevent touching what they should not touch by mistake :roll_eyes:

What do you think about it?
Of course, feel free to vote if you agree with the idea.


Yes, this would be so helpful!


This is super helpful since there is stuff I’d like to share with stakeholders but there is stuff I’d like not to. Please make this happens.

My workflow is exactly the same like Lishay, this would help a lot.


+1 to this. I was just looking up how to do this only to realize this is not a feature.


My team is looking to use Figma to capture client feedback instead of manually exporting files to upload into InVision. Our issue is that we would like to only share certain pages within a project with the client, so they can only review finished screens and not see work in progress.

Our only solution to do this would be to duplicate the project with just the pages for client and share this instead of the working project, but this creates a double up and more effort translating feedback back to the working project.

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated :smile:


Sadly, I don’t have any answers just more criticisms. Figma is awesome in general, but still fails when it comes to sharing comps with clients. I have varied sized artboards – mobile and desktop.

The share link:
The share link sends the client to the entire project, and they have no idea how to navigate around Figma because they don’t use it everyday. It’s awful for client presentation.

The prototype or the presentation link:
This view is too unintuitive for the client to realize there’s a vanishing pager at the bottom to click through the artboards. Also, I have variations, and there’s no setting on screen to indicate the artboard name in this view.

Sorry, but Sketch really gets things right in this department.


The prototype link is the closest thing but not quite there to use effectively for client reviews. As Scott mentioned, there’s no way to easily show variations of a screen for client review. Coming from using InVision, they got a few things right, i.e. share specific screens, prototype some but not require prototyping connections between all and a view all screens as thumbnails view to help navigate all designs with the ability to turn off certain features so that the same file can be used for usability testing. I feel like Figma can get there with a few tweaks and additions.


Figma presents, such an incredible new way of working, but the one and just about only problem i’m having too… is sharing isolated frames or isolated flows with clients / team.

Essentially creating a mini-flow, or single frame within a page within a project and sharing it directly without the ability for the viewer to see anything else.

This would be super beneficial to resolve @anon21722796


Totally agree George - this is the one reason why we are still painstakingly exporting 50+ screens to InVision to share with clients/wider teams and receive feedback.

@anon21722796 Even the ability to share selected screens within the prototype viewer, with the ability to leave basic feedback through Figma’s commenting system would be a massive value add and time saver.


Yes, this is a big problem when sharing parts of a big project. @anon21722796 any suggestion in the meanwhile?


Any updates on this very important matter? @anon21722796
You would have some very happy customers if you focused on this one…


Agree with everything already stated by others. We’d like to consolidate our tools and use Figma for client presentations and reviews… however the challenges everyone has already listed, requires us to keep using Invision for these purposes.

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Same opinion as the others. Would love to have one page shared with the final client/stakeholder where they can see and comment on the project while having other pages hidden from them while we work on the project internally.

@anon21722796 Googled this and was surprised it’s either all or nothing, can this be included soon? It’s pretty important that client’s don’t see how all the sausage is made in a shared document; show just what we want them to see.


I wholeheartedly agree with the suggestion. Every time there is a need to share a specific flow with a stakeholder I need to create a whole new file. This results in problems with project organization since so many files have to be generated. This fix would greatly improve the experience!

Both working in-house and contract, it would be very useful if pages had a functionality to show/hide. Pages being worked on shouldn’t be shown outside of ‘edit’ access until designs are ready for review or signed off.

People with ‘view only’ access can see all of the work in the project. With deadlines being tight in my experience, design can sometimes not be given the time it needs to work through the process properly. When management teams or clients can view ‘work in progress’, they can initiate building the UI without design completing and achieving sign off. Causing issues with the final outcome and eventually leading to dev/design rework.

Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this? Would anyone else find this helpful?


The use case is when I share the design with people not in the team/project or with view-only permission; I wish to control their access for only some specific pages, not allow them to view all pages in a file.
Additionally, I don’t want them to see all comments for all pages, they should only see the filtered comments on those pages which they can access.

Some features:

  • Organize (filter out) comments for pages
  • Advanced share settings for pages


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Allow a project owner to set visibility for each pages of a figma file.
A page could “Viewable by”:
Editors only
Project Owner only

Because as soon as a file is shared with the client for feedback, there are always these strange moments when you are in a designing/working phase, and you see the client log in onto the file. This can make designer not feel at ease to work as they should. A bit like when your know you have a camera on in a meeting. By fear of being watched by the client, or even that the client feels that they work too fast, and the task was actually “too easy for what they were charged”

open to discussion

  1. Problem: nowhere for independent ideation

  2. As a file owner, it would be ideal to have the option to a hide or make a page private from other Users so that you can still work with the styles in the same file. I find that I want to explore different design concepts in an area that no other team mates can see.

  3. Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?


I have the same problem. Especially if you’re not ready to share a file with a colleague. I could only create a page and put it in the last place, finally named “🪦”. :rofl: