Getting updates from the library inside the library

Do you receive the notification that components were updated in a library, after publishing the library?
Example: I publish library A. After a few minutes, I receive a notification inside library A saying some components were updated. It seems a case of inception but we get super confused with this.

Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch. Sorry for the confusion. It seems you’re seeing a notification issue related to library assets in your files. For instance, if you have a component (let’s call it component A) from File 1 that’s used in another component (component B) in File 2, and File 1 also includes an instance of component B, any modifications to component A might prompt update notifications.

Could you provide more specific details about your situation? If you could share additional information, I’d like to replicate this on my end to determine whether it’s a bug or a standard behavior.

Thank you.

Hey @y_toku

If we think about your example, let’s ignore file 2.
I have File 1, where I update component A. I publish File 1 because it is a library. After some time I got a notification in File 1 saying Component A was updated (and besides that, I can see components published 1 month ago also in this notification).
Yes, File 1 might have several instances of A.

I hope it is just a bug, but it confuses us.

Thanks for the feedback. I will share your insight internally!