Frame without visible content issue

As mentioned in closed topic, Is anybody facing the same problem?


Even all contents inside “trailing-section” frame are invisible and frame resizing is set to “hug”, it still has 24 pixels of width.

The bug is still there. I think made a bug report about it way wack in 2022.
Your turn to scream into the void about it. :grinning:

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Frames with auto-layout inside of components will not change their sizes relative to their contents, only their parents will. You have to hide “trailing-section” and not its contents. Also please check that in the main component it is set to hug and not only on an instance.

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Hi, Fernando! That´s main component. The alternative of hide “trailing section” doesn’t fit for me because each child element has its own boolean propertie.

Hi Alamaki! I had to open another topic because yours was closed with out responses. I hope this time this issue get more attention. :slightly_smiling_face: