BUG: Autolayout resizes incorrectly when it contains no visible frames

Autolayout with hug content width or height, without padding, should resize to zero (or 1) px when all of its content is hidden. Now it appears to stay in the dimensions of last visible item it had.

Duplication steps:

  • Create frame A with frames B and C inside it.
  • Give frame A a vertical autolayout, with height: hug-content, padding and spacing 0px.
  • Set frame B invisible (closed eye icon). Frame A resizes to height of frame C as it should.
  • Set frame C invisible. Frame A does not update to height 0px (or 1px if it must have non-zero height).

I’m fairly certain this used to work, just some days ago.

This bug breaks layout on screens with components that represent lists that have no no items yet.

Edit: Reloading Figma fixed a more complex case I had for a moment and then it broke again.

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