Frame is not working

Hello, I have a problem and can’t find the solution. When I create a new frame, I can’t see it in editor, but it is created since I can see it in preview, also zoom out is not helping. Can someone help me?

Hi Roberta,

Try double-clicking on the frame icon (the # icon) in the layers panel. It should zoom to the frame in the canvas.

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Hi Uxcal, still not working, not even Figma basics not working, I can see frames in main menu, but when I double click there is no frame, element, just a blank grey page.

Hi @Roberta1,
Hmm this seems buggy. You should be able to see the frame by double-clicking the frame icon in the layers panel, as @uxcal said.

As we can’t replicate on our end, this ‌may be related to your browser and/or laptop. Is it happening on your desktop app, browser or both?

To cover some basics, can you make sure that the configuration of your browser for Figma is updated? Please check the steps here:

Can you also try to uninstall and re-install (for the Desktop app). And, force-quit the Figma Desktop app and the browser, and restart it to see if this helps?

Would be great if you could also share your file here to see if we can replicate it on our end. If these troubleshoot tips don’t help, the next step will be to contact the support team to investigate it further here: Hope it helps!