Found bug: its not calculating heigh of group accordingly

See picture for more explanation:

If you use the numbers given by Figma to say its height it gives 164.71. not 156.99.

Here is Figma wrongly giving the number.

Hi @Armando_Soto I’ve tried to recreate this on my end with nested elements and groups in a auto layout frame and a simple frame with a child layer but it showed the correct value each time. Are you seeing this on newly created simple frames?

Well i cant explain, how was this layout made since it was made by another person, but you can find it here, same layouts am using, should tell us if this is a individual bug on my end.

It’s because the thing you’re selecting is rotated -90° and its dimensions are reversed.

16+14.18+126.81 = 156.99

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Thanks sharing and caring!!! didnt noticed until now. :rocket: