Fonts(buttons, auto layout and component files) looks extra stroke in my chrome browser

I am facing a terrible problem with the Chrome browser. My file text looks wired(below screenshots) in my Chrome browser. I tried but I couldn’t fix it. I checked it with another browser I don’t find anything like this. I don’t know why this happening. I need to know what is the problem and why this happening with the Chrome browser. Could you help me out how can I get rid of this problem?
Font bug 1
Font bug 2
Font bug 3

Hey Sabbir, thank you for reaching out! This looks odd, could you confirm me if you see this in the desktop app? Also is this happening when you export your file or just when you’re in the preview/presentation mode?

Hi Gayani_S, thanks for reply.
I see this in the desktop app and Chrome browser live file but not in the export file or preview/presentation mode. Let me explain something that I explore after checking sometimes. I see it when I use an auto layout frame with a corner radius and check the clip content box. It surprised me that

  1. If I check the clip content box and use any corner radius number this will happen.

  2. If I don’t give any Corner Radius number it will not show.

  3. Again If I give any corner radius number when the clip content is unchecked it will also not show.

Apology for the delayed respose! Thanks for clarifying this. I’ve went ahead and created a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticket number is #894380, for reference.

Thank you so much for the support.