Fonts automatically changing when selected - even though they're already installed

Having a weird issue in one of my Figma files, that I think is likely caused by a collaborator missing fonts and I’m unsure how to fix it.

Despite having the font installed whenever I select text in a file (any page) It is automatically updating to a different font. This occurred after inviting a few folks to jam on a file and they may have been missing the font. Since then, every text box is automatically updating the font to replace the one that was set, with the new one that was being used during the collab.

Is there a default setting somewhere I can change to fix this?

Bumping this to hopefully get some insights or if anyone else experienced a similar issue.

Invited folks to collab on a file, they didn’t have the font. For some reason it changed fonts across every page in that file to a different font and I have no way to automatically fix this short of changing the font everywhere.

Hi Rui_Melo, thanks for reaching out to the community!

These kinds of strange font issues are nearly always caused by the use of conflicting font files across your team. This means that editors on a file are using different versions of the font with slightly different sizing or spacing which then affects the file each time it is opened by someone with a different version.

For more information about resolving this kind of issue, you can check our guide: Manage conflicting fonts

As a workaround, I suggest that you have all editors remove these fonts if they are locally installed. Then please ask all editors to install the same version locally. After doing so you will need to restart Figma to serve the correct font version.

If this is affecting component appearance you can launch quick commands (cmd /) then use the “Regenerate all instances” tool to refresh all of your instances at the same time.

If it is affecting text or style appearance or settings outside of components you can use quick commands to “Select all with same font” and then “Recompute text layout in selection.”

Hope this helps!