Font weight values mismatch when exported vs when inspected

In the case of Inter and other fonts with spaces in their weight names, Figma exports the weights erroneously


Can confirm, these are the data retreived for Inter Extra Bold


Also currently dealing with this problem — is there a fix planned?

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We’re also encountering this problem with Inter semibold.

Any ideas on when it will be fixed?

I’m facing the same issue… Would it be possible to obtain the fontName style as a numeric value rather than as string?

Hi all, we just rolled out a fix for this issue today. Please let us know if you are still experiencing this.

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hey James. Where has this been rolled out? We are currently seeing this issue on the web app.

Can you give a specific example of a font where this is still not working?

Hey James, for example Oswald font is not working properly
This is what I get from API Screenshot by Lightshot
This is how it looks in Figma Screenshot by Lightshot

@James_Yang we’re also still experiencing this issue and very weirdly, it used to return the right value. We recently re-pulled styles from the API to update another component, and the numeric fontWeight updated to 400 even though the UI still, correctly, says 300. Nothing has changed in our Figma styles and nothing in our figma-export configuration or setup has changed.

Sublime Text on 2023-05-22 at 10.02.52

We last updated our tokens file on October 21, 2022 to add other styles, which was one day after this message where you said a fix was deployed, but these specific styles / font weights didn’t change at the time. Thanks!

@VictorL Wondering if you can share a minimal file with a text node that demonstrates this issue

@James_Yang I tried to recreate it just copying and pasting styles to a draft and weirdly, it works fine from there.
I can’t see anything wrong with my original file though; I went through the file history and there haven’t been change to the text styles since the last time we had an export with the correct values. All changes were published too. Will DM you a link to the original file.