Font Settings is missing

On the web version, I want to change font settings because some of the fonts in my file are missing.

  • When I try to open font settings nothing appears

  • When I try to change the font locally I can’t change any of the fonts

  • I can’t change the font of the style

  • I don’t see the missing style icon at the top toolbar. I only see it when hovering on the text, but I can’t click it.

  • And, most badly, I can’t edit or create new texts in that file or any other file (even those who don’t use these fonts)

The problem started when I copied a Figma community file to one of my projects.
I’m a team owner, so I’ve got permissions to all files and libraries.
BTW It’s a Google font, so I’m not sure why the font is not working ont the first place.

Any ideas?

Hi @Rumya_Karo,

Hmm it looks odd! If you’re using Figma in the browser, make sure you’ve installed the Font Service and that it’s running. You can refresh your tab or restart the Figma desktop app or browser to force an update in Figma.

We recommend you to check our article Manage conflicting fonts with some workarounds.
If you’re still experiencing issues, please submit a bug report (by mentioning which steps you’ve tried and any results to speed up the process): here
Our support team can take a deeper look at it.
Thank you!

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