Font Awesome icon unicode for developers


We have used Font Awesome icons in our designs. The developers are unable to identify the icons that are used on the design as it does not show the unicode in the properties. And our design team is not able to identify the icons either as the icon names are not displayed anywhere. Copying the glyph and pasting in FontAwesome does not work. We have a lot of icons used in the file and we really need a solution for this. Can you please help?


Hey @Srish - When using the typeface files for Font Awesome, the only real way to get the icon name is to double-click in the text box itself and then copy the icon. You can then past the result into something like Text Edit, which will show you the name of the icon.

This solution does not work for our team that is having the same issue.

This solution did not work for us either. We had to manually search for the icons in FontAwesome website and copy paste the unicode to the figma file for our devs. Please let me know if you find a better solution. Thanks!